Safer equipment, fewer delays, happier drivers

The best choice for ELD compliance also streamlines your defect reporting and repairs:

  • Single in-vehicle device Means no additional data or third party device costs
  • Easy to adopt and easy to use Keeps your drivers happy
  • FMCSA registered ELD, third party verified Gives you peace of mind
  • Captures hours of service and defects All-in-one solution makes going electronic easy
  • Engages drivers in the repair process Reinforces a safety-first atmosphere

EROAD Inspect

EROAD's in-vehicle ELD and driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) - called EROAD Inspect - go hand-in-hand to simplify compliance, save time on data entry, and improve turnaround time on repairs.  Download the EROAD Inspect Product Sheet for more info.

What are people saying about our DVIR?

It's definitely a nice feature.  This is the last step to making the drivers logbook completely paperless.  The back end on the Depot is a great tool for tracking if any documented defects have been corrected.

- Dave Domer, Kirk Trucking

At EROAD, we stand with you 
We believe compliance should be convenient, and technology should make your job easier. With user-friendly in vehicle hardware backed by real-person support. We believe in accuracy, efficiency and integrity. In easy-to-use software, over-the-air updates and an all-in-one solution. We believe in creating powerful solutions with people in mind. From the driver behind the wheel to the team behind the scenes.

Founded in 2000, EROAD provides a complete suite of user-friendly fleet management, compliance and driver safety solutions, including an FMCSA registered and third-party verified ELD, compliant DVIR, electronic tax reporting, vehicle maintenance and fuel and fleet utilization reporting.  It’s simple, affordable and smart.